ExtremeMan, Nagyatad, Hungary, July 26, 2015

This year seven members of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team took part in ExtremeMan (ironman-distance triathlon) in Nagyatad:

  • Himadri C. Kavai from Budapest, Hungary,
  • Namitabha A. Arsic from Nis, Serbia,
  • Purnendu D. Knezevic from Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Ekalabhya Z. Bozinov from Skopje, Macedonia,
  • Deeptaksha P. Mihaylov from Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Pragadata G. Skenderovic from Subotica, Serbia and
  • Prasannateyu D. Kakonji from Subotica, Serbia.


They all successfully finished the race with following results:


In his second ExtremeMan Himadri made a personal best. He cut down his last year's result here in Nagyatad by more than one hour!

Purnendu also absolved his second ExtremeMan. This year he improved compared to his last year's time by one and a half hour!

For Namitabha, Ekalabhya, Deeptaksha and Pragadata this was the first ironman-distance triathlon.

Although starting under fever, Prasannateyu succeeded to finish for the third time here in Nagyatad. After the race he felt tired, but his sickness was gone.

From left: Purnendu D. Knezevic, Prasannateyu D. Kakonji, Ekalabhya Z. Bozinov, Pragadata G. Skenderovic, Namitabha A. Arsic and Deeptaksha P. Mihaylov.

Around 700 athletes at the start of the race, 619 of them made it to the finish line. 

Bicycle park (after all, this is a cycling site :)).

Himadri Kavai at the finish line.

Deeptaksha Mihaylov needed much longer time to finish (14:34:09), but he enjoyed every moment of it.

Pragadata Skenderovic (r.) with his friend Said. He was in very cheerful mood before the race ...

... and also during the race. His final result was 14:56:28.

Purnendu Knezevic had very good race and finished in 12:43:46.

Prasannateyu Kakonji started sick, took it slowly and finished in 15:02:30.

Ekalabhya Bozinov was very happy with his first ExtremeMan experience. He finished in 13:22:32.

Namitabha Arsic also had his first ExtremeMan and achieved excellent result of 12:12:51.



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