Tejvan Pettinger, of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team, set a new personal best at 100 miles, completing the distance in a time of 3.34.02 - an average speed of 28 mph. The event was the ECCA 100 mile TT, south of Cambridge. It is an event he has previously won in 2014 and 2015, but this year had to settle for 7th place after some of countries top long-distance riders were on great form. The new 'pb' follows on from the previous week's pb at 25 miles. This coming weekend, Tejvan will be entering the national 12 hour time trial championship - a new distance for the rider who is better known as a 'hill climb specialist.


Tejvan said of the ECCA 100 mile TT.

"It is a fast course, and nice to set a new pb. but I found it quite tough and didn't do quite as well as I hoped. But, then the previous week I exceeded expectations, so that's the nature of the sport. I also nearly missed my start, turning up 5 seconds before I was due and a last minute panic race to the start line. It was a bit lucky I didn't miss the race completley. 100 mile time trials are really hard because you start to hurt in back and shoulders holding low position for so long. The best thing about the race was being able to go back to hotel for a short kip before then going to an Ananda concert in Cambridge that afternoon. It was a busy day - 100 miles cycle, concert of Sri Chinmoy's music, pizza and drive home from Cambridge. The concert was great and helped take away the little dissappointment of not finishing higher. It was also another 100 miles for the June - Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge. And if things go well at the weekend (12 hour TT) I may be able to add a few more miles to the monthly total."