Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge 2024

The Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge is an opportunity for people to get involved in GLOBAL CYCLING EVENTS and log their efforts to target a specific cycling distances. It is equally meant for excellent cyclists and amateurs – all cycling enthusiasts are warmly welcomed. You are asked to set your personal goal according to your present capacity and to do your best to achieve this goal. With Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge you are sure that somewhere else in this vast world of ours there are others who are joining you and cycling alongside with you in the spirit of oneness and friendship. After each event, the names of participants and their results are published on this web site.

ROVINJ_CyclingJoyDays_2014a.jpgSri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge grew out of the 27-Hour Cycling Relay that is happening every August since 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2011 we realized that there are many people who live too far and cannot come to Zurich with their bicycles to participate. Therefore it was decided that in 2012 additional participants will be allowed to cycle in other places during the 27 hours of the event and their cycled distances will be added to that of the participants in Zurich. We also had the first global Week of Cycling in Otober 2012.

In April 2013 we organized for the first time a Month of Cycling and in May/June 2014 we dared a 50-Day Cycling Challenge. Since 2015 the global Month of Cycling always happens in June.

There are nowadays two global events under the umbrella of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge: June - the Month of Cycling and the 27-Hour Cycling Relay (usually at the beginning of August).

In the years behind us the number of participants and the distances have constantly increased. Every year more and more cyclists are joining and having fun cycling together all around the globe. In Sri Chinmoy's spirit of continuous self-transcendence, we invite you to participate this year and transcend your previous results. Be in your heart, enjoy your cycling!

Results from previous years


27 Hour cycling relay