After coming close on a number of occassions, Tejvan Pettinger of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team won his first race of the season, during the recent Newbury R.C. 25 mile time trial. He completed the 25 mile course in a time of 51:54 (29mph / 46.5 km/h) narrowly finishing ahead of Nick English (Aerocoach) who finished in 2nd place.

Other recent races by Tejvan include 3rd at the Charlotteville CC 50 mile time trial (1.46.31) in May earlier this month.

Tejvan's race report

"It was a good day for racing, though a cold headwind made a little more tricky. Often in time trials you get tired and lose power towards the end, but this race, I felt suprisingly good and covered the last 10 miles in 20 minutes - quicker speed than first 10 miles. It was the first 25 mile time trial of the season, and I quite like this course on the A4. It is very flat, but I did my first time trial on here back in 2004. 57.05 for a 25 mile time trial on the same course - so there has been some progress! "

  • Distance: 25.00 miles
    Time: 51.54
  • Av. Cadence: 96
  • Av. power: 323 watts
  • position: 1st



Video RTTC Time Trial Series 2

A Youtube video from the National Time trial series event in Buxton, where Tejvan finished 2nd early in the year. See: Buxton Mountain time trial

Skip to: 4.45. Start of Tejvan Pettinger