A series of cycling events in July/August 2012



There were four major events during July/August 2012. The first was the 27-Hour Cycling Relay on 21/22 July in Serbia. Relay was organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Nis where nine cyclists ensured that all 27 hours someone is on the track. Cycling started at 7:00 on Saturday and went on over the night and until 10:00 am next day. There were 13 participants, nine of them were cycling in Nis, two in Belgrade and two in Leskovac. Total distance passed was 1246 km and the best cyclist was Nikhad Pavlovic with 288km.

Nikhad Pavlovic did 288km.

The next event, 12-Hour Cycling Relay, happened on August 5, in Sofia, Bulgaria and was organized by Hrishikesh. Four participants were exchanging one another from the midnight to the noon and crossed total of 366 km. The most successful participant was Radko Popinski who cycled 140km.

Hrishikesh Karov, Sofia, cycling through the night.

On the same day there was the third event, the Selftranscendence Triathlon on Divljan Lake in Serbia, organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Nis. Beside Serbian triathletes, the event attracted quite a few participants from Bulgaria. Total of 19 athletes competed in two disciplines: the olympian (1.5km/40km/10km) and sprint triathlon (0.7km/20km/5km). The winner in olympic category was Igor Jovanovic from Nis, Serbia, in sprint category the winner was Branimir Djuricic from Jagodina, Serbia.

The fourth event was the 27-Hour Cycling Relay on 11/12 August. The main cycling took place in Zurich, Switzerland, from 7:00 am on 11th August until 10:00 am on 12th August. During the same 27 hours there were also cyclists joining in Geneva, Basel, Winterthur, Baden, as well as in Subotica, Serbia. Total of 42 participants achieved all together 1986.5km, with the longest distance being absolved by Nikhad Pavlovic (263.98km).

Some of the participants of 27-Hour Cycling in Zurich         after the finish.

In all four events there were total of 69 participants (a few of them participating in more than one event) and the grand total of 3858.5 km was cycled.


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