Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge


New record in total cycled distance: 124'166 km (previous best was 117'772 km in 2020). 

New best result in male category: Igor Talevski, 7'070 km, cycled TransAm Bike Race.
New second best result in male category: Pushkala Tramosljika, 5'016 km, in Frankfurt, Germany.

New best result in female category: Agnikana Senkyrova, 3'701 km, in Zlin, Czech Republic.
Third best result in female category: Keertivati Senkyrova, 3'015 km, in Zlin, Czech Republic.


Results June 2021, final:

June 1 to June 30  (last update: September 10, 2021) - 124'166 km, 277 participants in 31 countries on 6 continents

Results June 2021, updated as they come:

June 1 to June 30 (last update: September 3, 2021) - 123'706 km, 276 participants in 31 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last update: July 6, 2021) - 122'060 km, 271 participants in 31 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last update: July 4, 2021) - 102'186 km, 228 participants in 27 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last update: July 1, 2021) - 76'689 km, 185 participants in 27 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 25 - 57'010 km, 159 participants in 24 countries on 5 continents
June 1 to June 21 - 47'238 km, 136 participants in 22 countries on 4 continents
June 1 to June 15 - 29'927 km, 110 participants in 21 countries on 4 continents
June 1 to June 10 - 14'188 km, 70 participants in 18 countries on 3 continents
June 1 to June 7 - 3'010 km, 30 participants in 12 countries on 2 continents


Photo-gallery June 2021:

In the gallery below the participants of this year's Month of Cycling share the photos and inspiration from their rides in June 2021.​

Igor from Skopje, Macedonia is participating in TransAm Bike Race (around 6500 km across USA, from West to East Coast, self-supported race). TransAm started on June 6. It was supposed to happen last year, but was postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19. 

Follow Igor's progress on race's tracker page:

In a self-supported bike race, participants have no helpers and no organizator's support except on the checkpoints. They must cover the distance between checkpoints on their own, finding their way, buying food, take care of their gear and booking accommodations "on the way" to sleep a few hours. Igor did a few such races in Europe, this is his first in America.  

Information about the participant on TransAm Bike Race's site. 

Igor on the road, the first day of the race. In the first 6 days Igor cycled an average of 200 miles (322 km) per day. Ten days in the race, after passing the highest peaks on the course, Igor had an average of 194.6 miles (313 km) per day. 

Pushkala cycling in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Deeptaksha participated in the 100 km race on Vitosha moutain near Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a rainy day and the tracks were muddy ...

Andrey from Chelyabinsk, Russia, on the road. In June 2021 Andrey cycled his personal best - 3'321km and placed 3rd on the Month of Cycling - June 2021. 

Detail from Andrey's bicycle: "All Your Grace", a line from Sri Chinmoy's song All Your Grace, my Lord Beloved Supreme.  

Austrian cyclists greeting us from a tour in Croatia. 

Croatian coast on a perfect cycling day. 

Vaibhava practicing hatha yoga in canyon of river Paklenica, Croatia. On the same place where Winetou movie was filmed in 1965. 

Agnieszka cycling in Dublin, Ireland. 

Tirtha and Tapaswini on a 80km tour through Allgaeu, Germany. 

"Hey people, nice to "sea" you" from Shatadal, Dresden, Germany. 

Sukinkar and Shatadal made together a tour in beautiful nature along Elbe river valey. 

Abhinabha - a first time participant in Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge. He is preparing for his first Ironman Triathlon. Welcome Abhinabha and best wishes for the Ironman! 

Anastasia from Winterthur, Switzerland. 

Shuna from Budapest, Hungary. 

Guzel cycling in Nakhabino, Russia. 

Guzel playing with mirrors in Malevich park, Razdori, near Moscow, Russia. 

Family Mayer (Lara, Matthias, Manuela and Lena) cycling in Salzburg, Austria. 

Rasmivan is very happy with his new road bike. Cycling in Bristol, UK.

Prapti from Canada, cycling ...

... along Ottawa river (537km total in June 2021). 

Nikhad cycled in Greece and in Serbia. June is a vacation month, people travel around in spite of viruses. 

Cycling together to Baden, Switzerland. Ready to start, just to take a group photo... 

Well connected, Pushkar, Switzerland. 

Muniya from Prague, Czech Republic, commutes with bicycle to work and back home. Enjoying nature on the way to the office ...

... and an ice-cream on the way home. 

Kedar on his first ride in June 2021, cycling in Zurich, Switzerland.

Anastasia shared this selfie after cycling 44 km in Winterthur on June 3.

Krasimir on his first ride along the Zurich lake, Switzerland.

Hutashan from Zurich, Switzerland, somewhere in foggy Swiss mountains. 

Vandaniya on a rainy day, cycling in Switzerland. 


Propositions June 2021:

Take part in a global 30-day Cycling Challenge that stretches over the month of June. Ride together with friends on all continents! Have fun and stay healthy!

For the past nine years, this event has given cyclists around the world the opportunity to join together in a oneness-project and get joy from following each other's progress. In June last year 301 participants in 34 countries on all 6 continents cycled together 117'772 km.

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge: Month of Cycling - June 2021. Poster by Hrishikesh, Bulgaria.

Rules are simple - during the month of June you can ride wherever you like, with whomever you like, as much as you like. Ride in a soulful and joyful consciousness, be healthy and happy!

Send your name, place where cycled and the distance crossed to Vandaniya, by email ([email protected]). You can send results daily, weekly or the total distance at the end. Results are posted on this page and updated as they arrive.



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