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From June 1 to June 30, 2015, you can ride wherever you like most, with whomever you like best. Ride in soulful and joyful consciousness. Be happy! Measure or estimate the distance crossed. Send your name, place where you cycled and the distance to Vandaniya, Zurich, by SMS (+41 77 444 55 65), email ( or skype (dejan_maksimovic).


Final results June 1 to June 30 (pdf)  - 60,005 km (37,293 miles), 176 participants
                    Separate results of:          Men             Women

erdumfang40075km.jpgWith our individual distances we together encircled the Earth (40,075km on equator) one and a half times !
We transcended the distances of all previous years. The number of participants grew from 159 last year to 176 this year.
We have cycled in 21 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and for the first time in Australia.
Big THANK YOU to all participants! See you all next year (June 2016 - International Month of Cycling)...


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Photo gallery:


See below the photos we received from the participants.


On June 14, 2015, six members of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team participated in the MTB Marathon, the largest mountain-bike race in Macedonia, that was held in the national park Mavrovo. They cycled 93km in the mountains with over 2000m elevation change during the race. Ekalabhya Bozhinov took the 9th place and Bojan Mitrovski took the 10th place. Congratulations!

Bojan and Ekalabhya placed 10th and 9th in MTB Marathon (93km) Mavrovo 2015.

MTB Marathon Mavrovo 2015, the 93km route in the National park Mavrovo.

On Sunday, 28 June 2015, 13 cyclists from Vienna, Austria, organized themselves for a Joy Ride. They cycled together a 88 km round through beautiful nature. See below the photo we received from Mananyu Siffert.

Joy Ride participants in Vienna on June 28, 2015.

In Nis, Serbia, a group of cyclists did a 27-hour cycling event. Eleven participants crossed total of 1160 km. Below the photo from the start with some of participants.

At the start of 27-Hour Cycling, 27 June 2015, Nis, Serbia. From left: Dragana, Ekanansa, Dragan, Nikhad, Goran, Ayojan and Mirjana.


Ekalabhya Bozhinov sent us the following photo of his cycling adventure with another four Macedonian cyclists. They cycled around Ohrid Lake through Macedonia and Albania, climbed a 2600 m high mountain and did total of 160 km in two days (6/7 June 2015).

Vlatko (left), Sashko, Zoran, Bojan (right) and Ekalabhya (behind the camera) on 2600m over Ohrid Lake - Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom.

Ilvaka Nemcova and Tirtha Voelckner organized for themselves a Bayern cycling tour. They crossed 345km in 3 days and immensely enjoyed their journey through the beautiful landscapes of Bavaria, Germany.

Tirtha (left) and Ilvaka (right) at the start of their cycling tour.

Ilvaka Nemcova in Bavarian countryside.

Tirtha Voelckner cycling through Bayern.

Dr. Aklanta Raabe from Mannheim, Germany enjoys mountain bike racing. In June he did only a few hundred kilometers of distance, therefore more than 6000 m of elevation.

Aklanta Raabe in a MTB race.


Sashko Josifoski sent the photos from the lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Ohrid is at 700m above see level and has cool weather conditions.

Motobecane mountain bike and swan family on Ohrid lake.

Ideal day for cycling either on the lake...

... or on the nearby mountains.

Prabhata Schrader is cycling in Ottawa, Canada and he sent us a few photos:

Peaceful cycling on Rideau river in Ottawa, Canada.

Prabhata in sunny Ottawa.

Prabhata took this photo on the border between Canada and USA, looking over St. Lawrence river into the USA.

Morrisburg, the border city.

Prabhata Schrader cycling in Morrisburg, Canada, on June 27, 2015.

Prabhata after finishing his cycling on June 30, 2015.

On one of his biking tours Kedar Misani from Zurich took a ferry over Zurich lake, between Meilen and Horgen. This particular ferry is a Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom as visible on the photo Kedar sent us.

Kedar Misani on a Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom ferry Zuerichsee, somewhere between Meilen and Horgen.

Elke Sobotta was cycling every day between Huefingen and Donaueschingen in Germany. Donaueschingen is the source of the great river Danube that connects so many European countries.

Elke Sobotta on her way to the source of Danube river.

Jiri Laza was cycling in Prague and sent us the photo of himself standing on the new bridge over Vltava river. He and his whole family - wife Nadezda and two sons Jan and Jakub - joined the Cycling Challenge this year.

Jiri Laza in Prague.

Solveiga Nelsone was joining the Cycling Challenge from Riga, Latvia. She sent us the photo where she is posing with two runners of Sri Chinmoy Oneness - Home Peace Run conveniently passing through Riga in June.

Solveiga Nelsone and Peace Run runners in Riga, Latvia.


Andrey Vinogradov was cycling in Chelyabinsk, Russia - you know, where the famous Chelyabinsk meteor fell on February 15, 2013.

Andrey Vinogradov in Chelyabinsk, Russia, cycled 1038 km, but did not see any falling stars.




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