Date: June 4, 2016

Place: Námestovo – Oravská Polhora – Slaná Voda (Slovakia)

Race: Goralman, first time organized as part of the Slovak Extreme Triathlon trio (Goralman, Oravaman, Janosik)

Distances: 2 km swimming, 83 km mountain cycling, 21 km mountain running/climbing


Shilanyas took part in this first time edition of Goralman and had a lot of fun. The experience in his own words: "I had a really bad swim and even worse run due to getting lost on the wrong trail. But it was fun anyway. This was the 0. year of this new triathlon that is supposed to become a part of future extreme tour trilogy".

Here you can see the official results of Goralman 2016.

See the photos below to get a visual feeling of this extraordinary race.


Slovakian Extreme Triathlon Trio in the forming.

Goralman logo 2016.

View back on Slovakian low-lands from the finish.

Shilanyas cycling 83km in Goralman 2016.

Last part of Goralman triathlon: "running" 21 km uphill. Shilanyas is smiling joyfully.

Shilanya's result.



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