Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge


This June we cycled in 25 countries on 5 continents and achieved the following:

  • New record in number of participants: this year 264 cyclists took part in the Month of Cycling (50 more than last year).
  • New record in total distance: more than 94,000 km (compared to previous best 79,000 km in 2017).
  • Best-ever result in male category: Pushkala Tramosljika from Frankfurt, Germany cycled 3,352 km (111.7 km/day)!
  • Two best-ever results in female category: Sananda Fitzgerald from Vienna, Austria cycled 1,565 km (all-time best); Mirela Malovic Vassung from Zagreb, Croatia cycled 1,535 km (all-time second).

Congratulations and big THANK YOU to all participants! 

See below the results and the photo-gallery.



Final result June 2018:

Final results, June 1 to June 30 (last updated: July 31) - 94,718 km, 264 participants in 25 countries on 5 continents

Results June 1 to June 30 (last updated: July 20) - 94,364 km, 264 participants in 25 countries on 5 continents
Results June 1 to June 30 (last updated: July 17) - 94,116 km, 262 participants in 25 countries on 5 continents 
Results June 1 to June 30 (last updated: July 10) - 93,580 km, 259 participants in 24 countries on 5 continents
Results June 1 to June 30 - 67,671 km, 187 participants
Results June 1 to June 27 - 51,141 km, 156 participants
Results June 1 to June 25 - 46,491 km (more than once around Earth's equator), 147 participants
Results June 1 to June 22 - 39,746 km, 133 participants
Results June 1 to June 19 - 32,452 km, 125 participants
Results June 1 to June 17 - 30,110 km, 122 participants
Results June 1 to June 15 - 24,471 km, 107 participants
Results June 1 to June 12 - 20,616 km, 97 participants
Results June 1 to June 10 - 16,581 km, 89 participants
Results June 1 to June 6 - 8,383 km, 66 participants
Results June 1 to June 4 - 4,568 km, 35 participants


Take part in a global Cycling Challenge that stretches over the month of June! Cycle together with friends on all continents! For the past six years, this event has given our members around the world opportunity to join together in a oneness-project and get joy from following each other's progress. In June 2017 214 members of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team and their friends have cycled almost 80,000 km.

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge: International Month of Cycling 2018. Poster by Hrishikesh, Bulgaria.

The rules are very simple - during the month of June, you can ride wherever you like, with whomever you like. Ride in a soulful and joyful consciousness and be happy!

Send your name, place where you cycled and the distance crossed to Vandaniya, Zurich, by email ( or skype (dejan_maksimovic). You can send results daily, weekly or the total distance at the end. Results are posted on this page and updated as they arrive.


Photo gallery 2018:

Participants of this year's Month of Cycling share the photos and inspiration from their rides.

Pushkala is the overall winner this year - he is the first participant of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge to ever cycle more than 3000 km in the Month of Cycling. In June 2018 Pushkala cycled the new ever-best result in male category: 3352.2km (111.7 km/day)! This is his second time to win the Month of Cycling. He was also the first in June 2017 when he cycled total of 2,772 km in 30 days.

Two best placed this year, Prabhata (l., second place) and Pushkala (r., first place), met in Frankfurt on June 13. Prabhata cycled 2822 km (94.1 km/day) in June 2018.

Kailash and Daniel on the "refreshment station" near Baden, Switzerland, June 21, 2018.

Aklanta and Santosh cycling in forests near Neustadt Pfalz, Germany, June 17, 2018.

Aklanta enjoys cycling in harsh environments.

Aklanta, down the forest-stairs, Neustadt Pfalz, June 17, 2018.

Sananda from Vienna, cycling along Danube. In June 2018 Sananda set the new best result ever for women - 1565 km (52.2 km/day). 

Sananda and Smiley on the street. Little happy things we discover around us sometimes give us a lot of joy!

Pranlobha and Stota cycling in Seattle.

Kedar in a corn-field near Zurich, Switzerland.

Gopal, Kallol, Vandaniya, Christian, Ekagra, Aharan and Mananyu at the start of Parenzana mountain-bike trail in Istria, Croatia.

The route of health and friendship, Parenzana trail, leads through beautiful forests of Istria. 

Thousands of bikers ride the trail every day. We were never alone!

On Parenzana trail, resting for a moment...

Projjwal and Aruna cycled in Augsburg.

Igor from Skopje spent the first weekend of June cycling through his country Macedonia. Green is Macedonian border. Red is Igor's ride on June 1, blue on June 2. Total 643 km in two days.

Igor's Bianchi and a Macedonian field.

Between June 18 and June 22 Igor took part in HardCro Cycling Ultramarathon - an endurance race connecting four corners of Croatia. The challenge consists of  completing approximately 1,400 km long route in less than 5 days, cycling through the most attractive locations in Croatia and reaching all four corners of the country: east, north, west and south (see the map below). This year the Race started in Ilok at north-east of Croatia and finished in Molunat in south-east corner. Participants were equiped with GPS trackers and had maximum of 27 hours to arrive at the first check-point (CP1) in Terme Sveti Martin in north-west corner, some 300 km away from the start. They then had maximum of 60 hours to arrive at the second check-point (CP2) in Savudrija, the west corner of the country. The finish was at farthest south-east point in Molunat and participants had to reach it in less than 120 hours total (5 days) in order to successfully complete the Challenge. This race assumes solo riding in self-supported style. Participants have to remain completely autonomous, with no support whatsoever along the route and have to take care themselves of their food, equipment, bicycle and accommodation. Each contenstant has to choose his own route and plan the ride individually. Out of 40 starters this year, only 23 reached the finish line in given time-limit of 5 days.

HardCro 2018, start on June 18 in Ilok, finish in Molunat must be reached in less than 120 hours. CP1 is in Terme Sveti Martin (must be reached in less than 27 hours), CP2 in Savudrija (to be reached in less than 60 hours).

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team is proud to announce that its member Igor Talevski from Skopje has successfully completed HardCro 2018 in 3 days 16 hours and 20 minutes.

Igor's HardCro 2018 statistics: he started on June 18 at 9:14, reached CP1 (~300 km) on the same day at 23:20 (14h 6min later), reached CP2 on the next day at 23:38 and crossed the finish-line on June 22 at 1:34 (after midnight). Igor cycled total distance of 1,420 km averaging 385.8 km per day. Congratulations Igor!

Kallol at sunset near Novigrad, Croatia.

Aharan, cycling from Marincici, near Novigrad, Croatia...

... together with Ekagra.

Shantikara was running Peace Run in Japan in May. On June 1 he rented a bike and circled the Shoji Lake. This is officially the first Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge ride in Japan ever.

Shantikara made this photo of Fuji mountain while cycling in Japan.

Kedar's favourite cycling route is around the Zurich Lake.

Livia is cycling in Kosice, Slovakia.

Mountain view in Slovakia, photo by Livia from Kosice.

Said and Martina are cycling near Belgrade, Serbia.

Martina, 20 km outside Belgrade, Serbia.

Martina, 17 June 2018. Outside Belgrade, Serbia.

Krzysztof sent this beautiful photo of his new bike. He is cycling in Warsaw, Poland

Swan on Attersee, Austria. Photo by Prabhata.

Attersee panorama. Photo by Prabhata.

Attersee. Photo by Prabhata on June 5, 2018.

Attersee. Photo by Prabhata.

Prabhata on Mondsee, Austria, on June 5, 2018.

Christoph and Lucas cycled 974 km from Zurich to Berlin. Photo at the end of the tour, in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

A group of cyclists started from Skopje on June 10...

... climbed up to Mavrovo national park, then continued southward towards Kicevo ...

... and finished in Bitola. On the next day they continued to Ohrid lake.

Rade, Vlatko and Ekalabhya dinning on Ohrid lake.Total for two days: 300km, 3400m ascent.

Radko from Sofia, Bulgaria, made a friend on his ride outside city.

Hrishikesh from Sofia, Bulgaria, refreshing himself half-way through a long ride.

Top of the hill reached! Radko from Sofia (photo by Hrishikesh).

Towards the finish of their 140 km ride, Hrishikesh and Radko from Sofia made this night-photo of the singing/dancing fountain in Panagyurishte.

Garga cycled a 960 km trail starting on June 4 from his home city Bristol, UK and finishing on June 8 in Heidelberg, Germany.

He cycled five days (160km, 180km, 220km, 220km and 180km) experiencing heavy rain, scorching sun, head-winds, two punctured tires and a lot of joy!

Garga reaching his goal in the evening of June 8, after cycling 960 km through UK, France and Germany.

Ilvaka, cycling in Munich, Germany.

Ilvaka chose her own Challenge on June 16 and achieved a personal-best: 377.7 km cycled in 24 hours.

Bijoy was cycling on a sunny weekend and stopped at a farm with a restaurant and free cherries.

Vandaniya and Bijoy in front of Pfaeffikersee in Switzerland.

Vandaniya and Bijoy, short rest in the hay.

Vladimir from Skopje, Macedonia, took this photo of his bike and the road ahead on his trip from Skopje to Tetovo on Sunday, 17 June 2018.

Shatadal cycling in Dresden, Germany.

Sukinkar from Dresden, Germany. Sukinkar completed a Half-Ironman race in June 2018. Here on a casual joy-ride.

Hutashan from Zurich, Switzerland, took this photo 10km on the road from Chur to Flims.

Ekalabhya competed in a 300 km race in Sweden on June 16, 2018. Finished in time of 8h 30' (34.5 km/h) and had a great time!

Rade from Skopje took this sweet photo on the road.

Macedonians cycling together.

Rade from Skopje - a selfie.

Group cycling in Macedonia - a 200 km tours are common for these amazing people!

Anete was cycling near Riga, Latvia and made this and ...

.. this beach photo at sunset.

Pranlobha and Stota at Lake Washington in Seattle, USA.
Ravipriya at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, USA.

Daulot in Seattle, USA.

Radko Popinski afer finishing the 100 km Race on Vitosa mountain near Sofia.

Pavel Machyniak breaking away from the pack in a training-race near Bratislava, Slovakia.

Nadegda Shabanova cycling in Cheboksary, Russia.

Paramanyu from Kaliningrad, Russia, made this photo at the shore of Baltic Sea.

Prabhata on the moutain-peak on a perfectly clear sunny day.

Prabhata made this photo on Grosser Feldberg in Taunus, near Frankfurt, 880 m above sea.

Prague cyclists celebrated the end of their Month of Cycling 2018 with a cake.



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