Results of 27-Hour Cycling, 14/15 August 2020 - 143 participants in 26 countries on five continents cycled together 9,715 kilometers.

Two relay-teams covered all 27 hours:

      -  in Skopje, Macedonia and

      -  in Zurich, Switzerland


Adriano cycled 231 km in the mountains around Sao Paolo, Brasil.

Hrishikesh from Sofia, Bulgaria cycled west-to-east across his land. He started from the capital Sofia which is near the east border and finished in Burgas on the Black Sea. 
Halfway he was joined by his friend Andrey who started from Plovdiv.
Andrey (l.) and Hrishikesh on the way to Burgas...
... eating what they could buy on the way.
At the finish of their journey, on a Black See beach in Burgas. Hrishikesh cycled total of 397 km, Andrey 348 km !

Karpani (l.) and Lotika cycled in Moscow, Russia.

Andrej was part of the team in Zurich that covered all 27 hours.

Andrej, Vandaniya and Ulugbek cycled in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sardor and Ulugbek cycling in Schlieren, a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland.

This time we had more than ever participants from Nepal. Team Nepal has four cyclists: Gaurav, Bikash, Pramod and Krishna. They cycled altogether 328km in 28 hours of cycling.

Krishna (l.) and Pramod made a long tour together starting from the capital Kathmandu and visiting Dhulikhel, Dolalghat, Melamchi and Jarshing Pauwa.
Krishna cycled 12.5 hours and covered 150 km altogether. 

Pramod having trouble on a muddy road. Looks dangerous, but ...
... everything finished well. Pramod cycled 10 hours and covered 100 km.

Gaurav (l.) and Bikash cycled together in Godavari, near Kathmandu, Nepal. Bikash cycled 2.5 hours to cover 40 km.

Gaurav cycled 3 hours and covered 38 km.

Kallol from Heidelberg, Germany writes: "I had a great day discovering new roads and trails in Odenwald area. I cycled 110km."

Bati and Nikhad cycled in Leskovac, Serbia.

Detlef cycled in forest on Spree river, Berlin, Germany.

Spree river, Berlin, Germany. Photo by Detlef.

Igor cycled 278 km in Chisinau, Moldova.
From Igor's morning ride: "This lake is in the park Valya Morilor (Valley of Mills) in Chisinau. It's an artificial lake built in the middle of the last century, also called Komsomolskoye. Energetically it is a very nice place. We run our Runners & Smilers races here." 

Kedar on his night-ride in Zurich, Switzerland

Elke cycled in Donaueschingen, Germany.


Propositions 27-Hour Cycling 2020:

The cycling takes place non-stop

from     18:00    on Friday,         14 August 2020
to          21:00    on Saturday,    15 August 2020

During these 27 hours (use local time in your country) you can ride bicycle wherever you want, as much as you want, individually or with friends, even on your stationary bicycle at home, if you have no time to go out. You need not ride all 27 hours, join any time and cycle as long as you feel inspired.

If you have enough cyclist-friends, you can organize relay-cycling covering all 27 hours.

Please measure (or estimate) the distance you crossed and send your full name, place where you cycled and distance you crossed to Vandaniya, Zurich per email: vandaniya@zoho.eu.


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