Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge



Results of 27-Hour Gratitude-Cycling, 11/12 August 2023 - 46 participants in 8 countries of Europe cycled together 6'678 kilometers.


Relay-team of 22 cyclists in Schlieren, Switzerland covered all 27 hours. At every moment there were at least two cyclists simultaneously cycling. 

Andrea Marcato cycled a new event record: 516 km (in Schlieren, Switzerland)

Pranjal Milovnik cycled the second best distance on 27-Hour Cycling: 504.1 km (in Bratislava, Slovakia). 

Oleksii Sykal cycled the third best distance on 27-Hour Cycling: 483.7 km (in Schlieren, Switzerland). 




Satyagraha, Stefan, Andrej, Pushkar, Devabala in Schlieren, Switzerland. Part of the team that covered all 27 hours. 

Andrea set the new 27-Hour Cycling record - 516km. 

Olena, Schlieren, Switzerland. 

Ulugbek cycled in Schlieren, Switzerland. 

Team of girls cycling in Schlieren, Switzerland. 

Garga from Bristol, UK, participated in an official 100-mile race in south-eastern Wales. 

It took him 9 hours to complete the race-course which contained three large climbs, two of them over 20%, with 2200m total ascent! 

Gabor and Parimal cycled 192 km in Hungary, from Budapest to lake Balaton and back. 

Malaya, Attila, Peter and Janos cycled 207.43 km around lake Balaton in Hungary. 

Sharbori, Villo, Lilla and Gizella took a train-ride from Budapest, Hungary to Gardony. There they rented bicycles and cycled together 40km around the lake Velencei. 

Villo also sent the following poem of Sri Chinmoy, which she found inspiring: 

The Breath of God
I breathlessly enjoy. 
The Grace of God
I lavishly employ.
              From Sri Chinmoy's book "A soulful cry versus a fruitful smile", 1977, poem #16

Vira cycled 160km in Schlieren, Switzerland. She also surprised us with the lunch...

... that we all enjoyed. 

Adrian on the lunch-break. 

Group photo after the finish in Schlieren, Switzerland. Twenty-two cyclists participated and cycled together 2700 km. 



Propositions 27-Hour Cycling 2023: 

Cycling takes place continuously 

  from     18:00    on Friday,         11 August 2023    
  to          21:00    on Saturday,    12 August 2023

During these 27 hours (use local time in your country) you can ride wherever you want, as much as you want, individually or with friends, even on your stationary bicycle at home if you have no time to go out. 

You need not ride all 27 hours. Join any time and cycle as long as you feel inspired.


If you have enough cycling-loving friends, you can organize relay-cycling covering all 27 hours.

Please measure (or estimate) the distance you crossed and send your full name, place where you cycled and distance you crossed to Vandaniya per email:


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