This June we cycled in 28 countries on all 6 continents. Together we crossed 108'160 kilometers. This is the third best total distance ever cycled on the Month of Cycling (better results we had only in two Covid-years: 124'166 km in 2021 and 117'772 km in 2020).

Todorka Petrovska from Skopje cycled the new record for girls - 3'894 km. This is the 6th longest distance ever cycled by a participant of the Month of Cycling. Todorka was also the absolute winner this year, she cycled more than any boy, which happens the first time in the history of the Month of Cycling.

Gerda Schlager from Salzburg cycled the third best result ever for girls - 3'570 km.

Congratulations and thank you to all participants! 

Winners women June 2023: 
  1. Todorka Petrovska, Skopje, Macedonia - 3'894 km (2'420 miles)
  2. Gerda Schlager, Salzburg, Austria - 3'570 km (2'219 miles)
  3. Sananda Fitzgerald, Vienna, Austria - 3'363 km (2'090 miles)

Winners men June 2023: 
  1. Mananyu Siffert, Vienna, Austria - 3'532 km (2'195 miles)
  2. Pranjal Milovnik, Bratislava, Slovakia - 3'028 km (1'882 miles)
  3. Smarana Puntigam, Salzburg, Austria - 2'100 km (1'305 miles)


Results June 2023, updated as they arrive:

June 1 to June 30 (last updated July 29, 2023) - 108'160 km, 241 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last updated July 11, 2023) - 107'286 km, 239 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last updated July 6, 2023) - 103'483 km, 218 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 30 (last updated July 4, 2023) - 93'563 km, 200 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 29 - 63'201 km, 168 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 28 - 55'274 km, 156 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 25 - 49'606 km, 147 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 23 - 44'022 km, 143 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 20 - 37'218 km, 123 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 18 - 30'683 km, 116 participants in 28 countries on 6 continents
June 1 to June 16 - 23'366 km, 93 participants in 26 countries on 5 continents
June 1 to June 13 - 16'405 km, 81 participants in 23 countries on 5 continents
June 1 to June 10 - 7'410 km, 62 participants in 17 countries on 5 continents
June 1 to June 8 - 6'500 km, 57 participants in 15 countries on 4 continents
June 1 to June 6 - 4'342 km, 46 participants in 14 countries on 4 continents
June 1 to June 4 - 3'587 km, 41 participants in 14 countries on 4 continents

Photo-gallery June 2023:

In the gallery below the participants of this year's Month of Cycling share the photos and inspiration from their rides.​

Tirtha cycled 160 km around Munich, Germany. It took her 12 hours to complete this joyful adventure - the longest cycling tour she has ever done in one day. Here she is on a lunch break... 

.. at the coast of Munich's popular swimming destination - Feringasee lake.
During the whole month, Tirtha cycled 1007km, her new personal best on Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge. 

Todorka from Skopje, Macedonia, cycled the new women's record - 3'894 km. Congratulations! 

Sananda from Vienna cycled new personal best - 3'363km in spite of her bicycle being stolen (had to buy new one) and having a meniscus injury. 

|he cycled most of her kilometers along Danube Peace River and on the cycling path Vienna-Passau. 

Sananda saw this rainbow on the evening of the last day (June 30). 

Rasmivan, Bristol, UK, sent this photo from one of his long rides. 

Kallol, Mananyu and Ekagra cycling on Krk island in Croatia. 

Prasannateyu was cycling near Subotica, Serbia, when the hailstorm started. He bravely took this photo standing out unprotected, before running under the near-by tree for shelter. He survived, however...

... not completely unharmed. (Video available on demand, too shocking for public viewing!) 

Guzel sends her heart-greetings from Nakhabino, Russia. 

Vilas and Rasmivan made a 201 km long ride south from Bristol, UK. 

They started an easy ride through the fields, but soon entered into the steep hills. At the end of the day they surmounted 3'011 m of elevation. Rasmivan had an accident in May 2022 and could not participate last year. Now he seems to really enjoy Cycling Challenge. Vilas reports: "He's much fitter than me right now. And lighter! So I really struggled. It's been a long time since I did this distance. It might take me a month to recover!" 

Eshana and Biljana cycling near Zrenjanin, Serbia. Text on Biljana's T-shirt says: "Life is a beautiful ride". 

Atul (first from the left) training with friends in Brisbane, Australia. Just a reminder: it's winter there now. A nice-weather is precious.  

Piloo and Adarini cycling in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Padmanandana from Adelaide, Australia cycled up the hill to the ...

... Sri Chinmoy Peace Summit (Wardli Wangathilla) on Mount Lofty. 

And then he enjoyed going back downhill through the native eucalyptus tree forest. A cold winter's morning. 

Thamara from Sao Paolo, Brasil, took part in an Olympic-distance triathlon in city Santos. The weather was moody, with dark rainy clouds, the sea was rough for swimming and it was raining when she started her 40km cycling. But she enjoyed it immensely and finished at the 4th place in her age category, only 1 second behind the 3rd girl. 

Muniya and Hanka from Prague, Czech Republic, cycled together a 92km tour to mark Sri Chinmoy's coming 92th birthday anniversary. Here they are in Podebrady castle's garden, which hosts many rotating hearts.  

Dina from Coimbra, Portugal, cycled to Figueira da Foz to visit Sri Chinmoy' statue. 

Livia cycled around Kosice, Slovakia. 

Suparna cycling in Neulengbach, Austria. 

Brana, Prasatti and Izabella visited Sri Chinmoy street near Subotica, Serbia. 

Tejal was cycling near Bonn, Germany, when a double rainbow appeared in the sky. 

Hrishikesh visiting the Peace Tree in the West Park, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Rasmivan from Bristol, UK, writes: "Glorious weather for cycling! Here I am by the sea in Clevedon with Clevedon Pier behind me. All gratitude!"  

From Rasmivan: "A long cycle ride has to have cafe stops. Refuelling with ice cream, cofee and flapjack!"

Babacar sends his greetings from Cap Skirring, Senegal, Africa. 

Jan cycling in Warsaw, Poland, on a colorful evening. 

Jan's friend Krzysztof with his brand new Bianchi OltreXR4 in Warsaw, Poland. 

Aklanta participated in a MB race in Hunsrueck, Rhens, near Koblenz, Germany. He cycled 25km with 650m elevation and ...

... took the 4th place in his age category. 

Dejan and Ekalabhya cycling in Macedonia. 

Guzel cycling in Moscow, Russia. 

Moscow river, photo by Guzel. 

Guzel on her white bike, cycling along Moscow river. 

Aleksandra from Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, cycling along river Vrbas. 

Aleksandra's bike at the riverside. 

Ilvaka cycling near Prague, Czech Republic. 

Mridanga visiting France. 

Greetings from Mridanga and Ashcharjya cycling in France.

Mridanga back home in Ipswich, UK, where he usually cycles. 

Anupam cycling in Kissena Park, Queens, New York, USA. 

Todor cycling country roads near Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Igor sent this night photo of Chisinay, Moldova, made during one of his rides. 

Mananyu, Smarana and Ekagra cycling on the beach near Pula, Croatia. 

Mananyu cycling with friends on cape Kamenjak, Croatia.  

Kanala in mission-impossible! Did he survive to the end of the puddle or did the muddy water swallow him? We have no information...

Vladislav (74) cycling in Nis, Serbia. 

Greetings from Vandaniya cycling in Switzerland ... 

... under a partly cloudy sky. First days of June 2023 in Switzerland - perfect for cycling! 

Sukhada from Perm, Russia... 

... took this photo on one of her rides. 

Vira is cycling in Schlieren, Switzerland and sent this photo of her old-time bicycle and ...

... this photo of a swan family she observed at river Limat flowing out of Zurich-lake. 

Kedar cycling around Zurich lake in Switzerland. Here he is taking a ferry between Meilen on north and Horgen on south side of the lake. 

Shatadal, skyline of the old city, Dresden, Germany. 

Sukinkar from Dresden, Germany. 

Hrishikesh is cycling near Sofia, Bulgaria. He also sent the following photo: 

Hrishikesh on a forest-road. 

Celana cycling in Geneva, Switzerland. 


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Propositions 2023:

Take part in a global 30-day Cycling Challenge that stretches over the month of June. Ride together with friends on all continents! Have fun and stay in good health!

In the last eleven years, this event has given cyclists around the world the opportunity to join together in a oneness-project and get joy from following each other's progress. For example, in June 2021 276 participants in 31 countries on all 6 continents cycled together 124'166 km. In June 2022 266 participants in 33 countries on 6 continents cycled together 96'481 km. 

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge: Month of Cycling - June 2023. Poster by Hrishikesh, Bulgaria.


Rules are simple - during the month of June you can ride wherever you like, with whomever you like, as much as you like. Ride in a soulful and joyful consciousness, be happy!

Send your name, place where cycled and the distance completed to Vandaniya by email You can send results daily, weekly or the total distance at the end. Results will be posted on this page and updated as they arrive.


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