Ed at a young age. Trying out a new type of safety helmet.



Ed sporting Stylish 1970s clothes. The Beetle's pretty cool as well.

Ed with his first proper bike. Looks the part now.


Ed displaying his skills on a unicycle. Unicycling is as difficult as it looks.


My New Low Profile bike for time trialling ('testing'!).

My road bike which is used for most of my training and racing.

Ed Silverton is one of the most versatile members of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team. A former cyclo cross champion, Ed has also displayed great skills on one wheel.

However we are hopeful Ed will see the inherent joys of becoming a tester (1) and spend his Sunday mornings racing up and down UK dual carriageways. - You get used to the early morning starts after a while!

(1) Tester = Time Trialling


Article by Richard Pettinger