Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge


Take part in a global 30-day Cycling Challenge that stretches over the month of June. Ride together with friends on all continents! Have fun and stay healthy!

For the past seven years, this event has given cyclists around the world opportunity to join together in a oneness-project and get joy from following each other's progress. In June last year 264 participants cycled 95,000 km.

Let's do even better this June!

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge: International Month of Cycling 2019. Poster by Hrishikesh, Bulgaria.

The rules are very simple - during the month of June you can ride wherever you like, with whomever you like. Ride in a soulful and joyful consciousness and be healthy and happy!

Send your name, place where you cycled and the distance crossed to Vandaniya, Zurich, by email ( or skype (dejan_maksimovic). You can send results daily, weekly or the total distance at the end. Results are posted on this page and updated as they arrive.



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